Jpmorgan Chase Routing Number in Michigan

No. Routing Number Office Type City Zipcode
1 065400137 Main Office BELLEVILLE 481110000
2 071000013 Main Office BELLEVILLE 481110000
Last updated: Jun 17, 2024

J.P Morgan Chase is a global investment bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Its main office is in the city of Belleville, Michigan, USA. The bank is a market leader in providing quality financial services both in the USA and across the globe. It currently has 256,105 employees globally, with assets totaling to $2,622 billion. The products available are asset management, merchant services, investment banking, commercial, wealth management, private banking, and many other functions in their portfolio. They not only offer financial insights and solutions, but they also aim to be the most reputable bank across the globe.

Knowing the bank’s routing number is essential when you want to transfer funds online to another account. The bank needs to verify the routing number before the transaction to eliminate errors. The routing code consists of nine digits which appear on the bottom left side of a personal check. If you cannot trace this number, you can search for the specific bank on a routing numbers directory to retrieve the code.

J.P Morgan Chase Bank in Michigan has two routing numbers:

  1. 065400137
  2. 071000013
The zip code for both is 48111-0000.

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