114922980 Routing Number

Routing Number 114922980
Bank Name Prosperity Bank
Valid, last updated: Sep 16, 2019
Office Type Main Office
Servicing FRB Number 111000038
Servicing FRB Number Address 2200 North Pearl Street, Dallas, TX
Zipcode 77478-0000
Phone (281) 269-7184
State Texas
Record Type Code 1 (Send items to customer routing number)
Change Date 2008-05-19
114922980 routing number on Prosperity Bank check

An routing number of your lender (or the lender of your receiver to whom you want to transfer money) is similar to a personal ID; it's the individual identifier of the lender's location. There are no two similar bank routing numbers on the Planet since most of new members of the SWIFT system are delegated A brand new special number for disambiguation. As an example, if your lender is Prosperity Bank, your routing lender is 114922980. This is done in order to be certain none of those SWIFT transfers goes into the wrong state, town, or division of the lender and the receiver fails to come across his/her transport in the suggested location.

You may not even notice how frequently you utilize the bank routing number whilst creating some trades and together with your bank's solutions. That happens since you will know the bank routing number under its other titles, like the ABA routing number or RTN. The Prosperity Bank gets got the routing number 114922980, also you may use it for all types of trades. Consequently, should you have to get a SWIFT payment by a foreign citizen and desire to receive it to your own bank accounts, locate your routing amount; that is rather straightforward.

The bank routing number could be seen in the bottom of your check; it comprises nine digits that indicate the place where you opened the accounts. Or you could use our depository of all US bank routing numbers and locate yours fast and with no trouble. For queries not requiring your own personal presence, please call the lender at (281) 269-7184.

How to Find Routing Number?

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