MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK Routing Number Search

MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK Routing number is a Nine digit code assigned by American Bankers Association (ABA) to MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK. It uniquely identifies the financial institution and check-processing center. Routing numbers are also referred as Bank Routing numbers, Routing Transit Number (RTN) and ABA routing number. It is used for domestic transactions like ACH, check deposit and bank wire transfers to send and receive funds from one financial institution to other. Each Bank has its own unique Routing number which distinguishes it from other banks. Routing codes are used in conjunction with SWIFT codes for global transactions.

How to find MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK routing number?

MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK Routing number is printed on the lower left corner of the Check Book. At the bottom of the check, you will find 3 groups of numbers. The first group is Routing number, the second group is your bank account number and the final group is your check number.


If you don’t have your Check Book, you can simply search the Routing number by selecting your branch from the list below.

Currently there are 3 active routing numbers issued by MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK.

Routing Number Fedwire Facility Office Type City Zipcode State
011701424 - Main Office WHITE RIVER JUNCTION 05001 Vermont
011775285 - Main Office WHITE RIVER 05001 Vermont
211770213 - Main Office WHITE RIVER JUNCTION 05001 Vermont

Routing Number Format:


Federal Reserver Routing Symbol

American Bankers Association (ABA) Code of the Financial Institution

Checksum which is used to verify if the routing number is valid or not

MASCOMA SAVINGS BANK Domestic Bank Wire instructions

For Domestic Transfer wire one needs to provide following information:

  • Beneficiary Name

  • Beneficiary Account number

  • ABA/Routing Number

  • Beneficiary Bank Name and Address

For international bank transfers one needs to provide Swift code along with routing number.

Some routing numbers are restricted to use. Please check with your financial institution directly to confirm.

More Banks

Routing number Bank Address
265274639 DAVIDSON EFCU PO BOX 2358, SULPHUR, LA, 70664-0000
272485602 LAKES COMMUNITY CU PO BOX 99, LAKE ORION, MI, 48361-0000
221183256 NORWALK HOSP CU INC 31 1/2 STEVENS ST, NORWALK, CT, 06850-0000
071922764 DURAND STATE BANK P O BOX 537, DURAND, IL, 61024-0000
091014924 FIDELITY BANK EDINA 7600 PARKLAWN AVE, EDINA, MN, 55435-5125
122240418 EAST WEST BANK 1881 WEST MAIN STREET, ALHAMBRA, CA, 91801-0000
091409791 1ST FINANCIAL BANK USA 424 MAIN ST, DUPREE, SD, 57623-0000
101107297 ELK STATE BANK 611 N SECOND STREET, SENECA, KS, 66538-0000
021973019 WEBSTER BANK 436 SLATER ROAD, NEW BRITAIN, CT, 06053-0000