Lakeland Bank Routing Number in New Jersey

No. Routing Number Office Type City Zipcode
1 021203310 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074360000
2 021203792 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074380000
3 021205376 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074388906
4 021207057 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074388906
5 021213041 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074380000
6 021213232 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074380000
7 021213698 Main Office OAKRIDGE 074380000
8 031207979 Main Office OAK RIDGE 074388906
Last updated: Jan 23, 2023

There are branches of banks in each state, and if you reside in New Jersey, you're very likely to use the assistance of one of New Jersey banks. It's crucial since some banks don't have branches in most states to seek out the financial institution service on your place, so you need to examine the accessibility to know you'll have the ability to become its customer of the bank. Knowing the routing number of the bank is insufficient to receive a trade; you need to inspect the local number of your branch to acquire transfers without issues and any flaws. For example, the numbers of Lakeland Bank are 021213232, 021205376, 021213698, 021213041, 021203792, , whereas the Lakeland Bank in New Jersey are 021203310, 021205376, . The primary number is the number of the bank and the next one is the number of the branch.

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More Banks

Routing Number Bank Name Office Type City Zipcode State
084201184 Mechanics Bank Main Office WATER VALLEY 389650707 Mississippi
124201594 Nevada Bank AND Trust Main Office CALIENTE 890080807 Nevada
313084593 Peoples Trust Federal Credit Union Main Office HOUSTON 770030000 Texas
061206432 Ameris Bank Main Office MOULTRIE 317680000 Georgia
253978756 Palmetto Health Credit Union Main Office COLUMBIA 292013167 South Carolina
284283232 MUW Employees FCU Main Office COLUMBUS 397010000 Mississippi
083907955 The Peoples Bank Main Office MARION 420640231 Kentucky
111907199 Central National Bank Main Office WACO 767022525 Texas
056004623 United Bank Main Office FAIRFAX 220300000 Virginia
031302861 Community Bank NA Main Office CANTON 136170509 New York