Business First Bank Routing Numbers

No. Routing number Office Type City Zipcode State
1 065402290 Main Office BATON ROUGE 708090000 Louisiana
2 065405420 Main Office BATON ROUGE 708010000 Louisiana
Last updated: Feb 26, 2024

Knowing your bank's number is essential for receiving and sending payments. If you live in some city and utilize the services of Business First Bank. But even here not everything is easy; there could be the office and branch offices of Business First Bank on your city? Since most of us wish to conduct of the operations and to not spend 30-60 minutes on our way it is definitely much better to understand the number of the nearest branch office of your bank. A check here demonstrates that Business First Bank gets the routing numbers: 065402290, 065405420. By applying this information, you might choose which indicate and financial institution is suitable for you to use the number.