021210073 Routing Number

Routing Number 021210073
Bank Name Woori America Bank
Office Type Main Office
Servicing FRB Number 021001208
Servicing FRB Number Address 33 Liberty Street, New York, NY
Address 16TH FLOOR, BAYSIDE, NY, 10001
Zipcode 10001-0000
Phone (212) 244-3000
State New York
Record Type Code 1 (Send items to customer routing number)
Change Date 2011-03-16
021210073 routing number on Woori America Bank check

9 digit check routing number 021210073 belongs to Woori America Bank (Main Office). You can find routing number next to account number on a check. Please dial (212) 244-3000 or go to 16TH FLOOR in BAYSIDE, NY if you're having any problems with your wire transfer.